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***Seeking Police Officer Applicants for Applicant Pool***

The City of Haines City is an equal opportunity employer and will consider all applicants for all positions equally without regard to their race, sex, age, color, religion, creed, national origin, veteran status or any other legally protected status. The City of Haines City is a Drug-Free Workplace. Applicants who successfully complete the initial screening process will be required to complete a pre-employment drug screen and physical. Police Department applicants will also be required to take a Polygraph Examination. All information provided by an applicant will be verified for truthfulness and accuracy if a conditional offer of employment is made. Applications and other submitted documents are consider public record.


Under general supervision of a designated supervisor, performs a wide variety of police and law enforcement activities. Tasks are primarily service oriented and include dispensing information, arbitrating disputes, providing assistance through referrals, property protection, crime prevention, traffic, detective, investigative, and other public safety services. Officers perform duties in accordance with State Statutes and established departmental policies, procedures, and guidelines. Officers must be able to act without close supervision and must be able to exercise independent judgment. Work is reviewed through observation, conferences and review of written reports for results obtained and adherence to established policies and procedures.

An essential and important element of this position is attitude which includes the following: Interacting positively and cooperating with co-workers, responding politely to customers, working as a team member, functioning under intense pressure and responding in a positive manner to supervision.


  1. Responsible for the performance of all assigned and self-initiated Patrol Shift operations necessary to achieve exemplary services for the protection of life and property; prevention of crime; and maintenance and restoration of order through efficient and effective implementation of all law enforcement related services. Performs duties necessary to achieve Department and organizational goals, and objectives, and Patrol responses/initiatives. Maintains sound knowledge of modern policing principles and techniques. Conducts crime prevention/reduction related initiatives. Responsible for facilitating community relations.
  2. Responsible for maintaining up-to-date required/mandated training. Duties include attending training activities to ensure on-going job related training and professional development is compliant with all applicable Federal, State, Occupational Health and Safety, and organizational policies, practices and standards. Required to provide documentation of training to Department upon successful completion of training activities/courses, ensuring personal training record is up-to-date. Required to review and electronically sign General Orders, on-line training, and other instructive/informative documents published in Power DMS, within established time lines. The applicant must know or become familiar with the knowledge and practical application of NIMS/ICS principles, tactics and knowledge of available resources.
  3. Responsible to perform non-emergency and proactive response services. Duties include serving injunctions for protection, escorting funerals, conducting death investigations, locating/retrieving bodies, conducting self-initiated arrests/traffic stops, examining abandoned vehicles/property, establishing contacts/confidential informants, conducting dwelling/ground checks, providing information to citizens, conducting parking enforcement, interviewing victims/witnesses/informants and suspects, completing field interrogation reports, providing referral information, securing found/acquired property, providing security for special functions, investigating various calls for service not deemed to be in-progress, and conducting active patrol in assigned area.
  4. Responsible to perform emergency response services. Duties include pursuing vehicles, conducting felony stops, responding to bomb threats, responding to civil unrest/riots, responding to alarm calls, controlling disorderly/irate persons, investigating/isolating hazardous materials, warning citizens of dangers/hazards, and investigating various calls for service deemed to be in-progress.
  5. Responsible for investigating calls for service such as crimes against the State, property crimes, persons crimes, traffic crash investigations, DUI investigations, assisting other agencies, and citizen complaints. Duties include searching for evidence/suspect(s), securing evidence, interviewing suspects/witnesses/victims, conducting frisk or pat down search, collecting latent fingerprints, photographing persons/evidence/crime scenes, seizing/impounding vehicles/property, seizing/confiscating illegal substances, assisting special needs and intoxicated persons, counseling persons involved in disputes, and transporting inmates/arrestees.
  6. Responsible for administrative duties relating to investigations/calls for service. Duties include reviewing Statutes/Ordinances/General Orders, reviewing BOLOs/requests/ agreements, preparing original and supplemental reports, preparing/filing complaint affidavits/arrest reports/notices to appear, completing traffic citations, completing forms, and maintaining notes of warnings/arrests/contacts. Ensures timeliness completion of reports/documentation, and utilizes computer equipment and software programs. Properly packages and submits property/evidence in accordance with Department orders and guidelines. Responds timely to SAO requests and/or to court orders. Testifies at depositions, trials, hearings and/or Grand Juries.
  7. Responsible for issued equipment/weapons/items. Duties include maintenance of assigned/issued equipment in operational ready condition, maintaining firearms/weapons in operational ready condition, and maintaining patrol vehicle in operational ready condition. Conducts self-inspections, and maintains equipment/weapons/uniforms in accordance with General Orders. Requests/ensures timely repair/replacement of items not deemed to be operationally ready.
  8. Promote vehicular and pedestrian safety, report obstruction and unsafe conditions. Maintain peace and safety by having a lawful presence at group functions and providing educational programs that promote crime prevention in the community. Refer first time minor law offenders to the Polk County Teen Court Diversion Program.
  9. Must be able to use a computer, keyboard, software such as Microsoft Office (e.g. Word), audio/visual equipment; calculator, telephone, copier, facsimile or scanner, lethal and less lethal weapons, and field equipment.
  10. Performs additional duties as assigned, which may include facility security; security of equipment; public speaking; attending community meetings/events; conducting research projects/special assignments, and preparing correspondence. Attends shift roll-call briefings.


  • Required knowledge is obtained through the completion of a High School degree or GED. A State of Florida, Basic Recruit Certificate of Compliance after completion of training in accordance with CJSTC or comparable out-of-state training is required. Successful completion of the Haines City Police Department Field Training Program is required. The applicant must successfully maintain proficiency in CJSTC and HCPD mandatory in-service training requirements.
  • Prior law enforcement experience is preferred.
  • The applicant must possess good oral and written communication skills. Duties may include public speaking and presentations, to include courtroom presentations/testimony, which requires the ability to communicate and present oneself in a professional manner. Must have the ability to conduct interviews, and to make sound decisions, problem solve, organize thoughts and reason logically. Requires the ability to listen/understand, and evaluate credibility/reliability. Requires the ability to read and write reports, memorandums, and orders, policies and procedures. The applicant must be able to successfully maintain and work with confidential information. Requires the ability to operate a two-way radio, monitor radio traffic, and operate a public address system.
  • Must be able to read and understand Federal Laws; Constitutional Laws; State of Florida Statutes; ADA and Civil Rights Laws; Case Law; City Ordinances; research, resource and supplemental materials; OSHA requirements; City policies and procedure manuals/materials; Department General Orders, Case Reporting Manual, Accreditation Standards Manuals, and NIMS/ICS issued materials, Child/elderly abuse procedures, Resistance/Control Continuum, and radio codes/signals/unit identifications. Must be able to read and analyze crime data, with ability to apply timely and appropriate prevention strategies and the ability to recognize informative placards/signs.
  • The applicant must be able to work under high demands, short time constraints, and the pressures of a fast paced work environment, meeting established timelines/deadlines. Requires the ability to multi-task, follow commands, detect/identify suspicious activity/circumstances, recognize danger or potential hazards,¬†communicate effectively, concentrate, comprehend, reason logically, organize thoughts, and make decisions. The applicant must maintain knowledge of established law enforcement practices, Criminal Justice System, available resources, and officer safety techniques. The position requires continuous acts of self-discipline, and organizational skills.
  • communicate effectively, concentrate, comprehend, reason logically, organize thoughts, and make decisions. The applicant must maintain knowledge of established law enforcement practices, Criminal Justice System, available resources, and officer safety techniques. The position requires continuous acts of self-discipline, and organizational skills.
  • The applicant must be able to perform tactical skills to include crowd control techniques, firearm/weapon safety procedures/proficiency, the ability to disassemble/reassemble firearm, conduct area/person search techniques, defensive techniques, tactical communications, basic first aid/CPR, and tactical driving. Physical endurance/agility is a must along with knowledge of training in Mobile Field Force system.
  • The applicant must remain informed of current/community events. Must be able to evaluate crime prevention/reduction needs and develop, coordinate, implement and participate in strategies to meet established needs. The applicant requires having knowledge of public relations skills, and knowledge of Community Oriented Policing strategies.
  • The applicant must be able to conduct basic investigations. Requires the ability to draw diagrams, operate a camera, operate a tape recorder, identify makes/models of vehicles, and locate vehicle identification numbers. The applicant must be able to perform basic crime scene processing, knowledge of fingerprint recognition and fingerprinting techniques from various surfaces. The applicant requires having knowledge of various evidence types and the handling of and collection procedures for such evidences. Must be able to recognize illegal substances, and narcotics field test procedures; and understand effects of intoxicants/drugs. Must be able to use roadblock equipment, conduct field sobriety testing, work crash investigations and recognize basic signs/causes of death.
  • The applicant must maintain assigned equipment/weapons/uniforms in operational ready status. The position requires continual knowledge of General Orders and City policies and procedures. Requires the ability to read gauges/odometers, expiration dates, and perform minor vehicle maintenance.
  • Must be able to establish and maintain effective working and professional relationships with City and other public employees, Department members, and the general public. The position requires the ability to communicate effectively, and have strong interpersonal skills, public relations, problem solving/stress management and self-discipline skills. The position requires knowledge of social and public assistance agencies, referral sources, abnormal behavior recognition, special function requirements, and available community services.
  • The applicant must have working knowledge of City geographical area/concurrent jurisdictions/demographics, while maintaining and exercising ethnic and cultural awareness.
  • Must be able to perform basic mathematical equations necessary to perform payroll preparation, evidence processing such as when seizing currency. The applicant must have knowledge of basic mathematical, keyboarding, computer, organizational, decision making, and accounting skillsets.


  • Must possess a valid Florida Class E driver's license.
  • Must pass applicable post offer pre-employment testing and background and credit check selection process requirements.


This position may be required to report for work when a declaration of emergency has been declared in Polk County.

City of Haines City
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